The premier Text To Speech (TTS) software synthesizer for Linux!


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Available Modules Include:

Listen to TTSynth explain itself through this link!


Take an audio tour of the Linux graphical desktop with Darragh iHiligh using TTSynth and Orca.


Available Languages For Linux


Purchasing TTSynth

The price for your first TTSynth language license is $40 USD and each additional language license is only $20 USD, when obtained at the same time. TTSynth is provided both as a Fedora .rpm and as a Debian/Ubuntu .deb package.

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Supporting Software and Documents

TTSynth is available for immediate purchase and download through this web site only. However, no support for TTSynth is available beyond that provided with your purchase and on this web site in order that we may keep the price of TTSynth low. Please do NOT contact Capital Accessibility for individualized assistance with TTSynth.

TTSynth is produced and marketed by Capital Accessibility, LLC